Shuckin’ Shack Celebrates Groundhog Day

Shuckin’ Shack Celebrates Groundhog Day

Carolina Beach, NC – Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar – Carolina Beach, NC regulars gathered at their favorite watering hole to celebrate Groundhog Day, leaning on another groundhog for their winter weather forecast.

Event hosts Dick Clark and George Stouffer say it’s been a tradition to hold the Groundhog Day celebration at Shuckin’ Shack since 2011. This was their 12th one.

The 12th annual celebration kicked off with organizers telling the story of Carolina Chuck, the star of the show.

They also named the 2023 Shack Groundhog Queen Kathy Gross, and there was a guest appearance by Shuckin’ Chuck.

Unlike Punxsutawney Phil, Carolina Chuck did not see his shadow on Thursday, which means an early spring for those in Carolina Beach.

“We brought Phil down from Pennsylvania and it just mushroomed and everybody seems to have fun with it, so we continued it,” said George Stouffer, event co-host.

“We had a groundhog, that we could either stick on a shelf or make a very popular celebrity. So, we thought we would make our groundhog very popular down here and start a tradition, and then it was a matter of once you start it, you have to repeat it,” said Dick Clark, event co-host.

The ceremony wrapped up with those in attendance singing a song about Carolina Chuck and his Groundhog Day adventures.

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