Skip The Straw

At Shuckin’ Shack we are committed to protecting our oceans, waterways and marine life.  For this reason, when you dine with us we will ask you to please Skip the Straw.  We only offer biodegradable and reusable straws upon request at our locations!

Ocean Friendly Establishments

In collaboration with Plastic Ocean Project and Surf Rider Foundation we have 10 locations that are certified Ocean Friendly Establishments. At Shuckin’ Shack it is part of our mission to protect the ocean. All locations will be certified Ocean Friendly Establishments by 2022.

Aquaculture Oysters

Aquaculture Oysters

We are committed to partnering with sustainable fisheries in hopes of enjoying delicious shellfish without the harmful effects on the environment. Aquaculture Oysters are gaining popularity for this reason. Farms now have more control over the growing environment resulting in a safer more sustainable oyster.

Wild American Shrimp

All our shrimp are certified Wild American, caught in American waters by American fishermen.

Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products

Reducing single use plastics wherever possible is a top priority. That’s why you will not find Styrofoam, plastic bags, or drinks in plastic bottles at Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar.

Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition

We are proud partners of the Shellfish Growers Climate Coalition. Continuing our sustainability efforts in the operations of Shuckin’ Shack is vital to benefit the shellfish we love and the waters that sustain them. We are proud to be a part of this coalition with many of our own oyster growers, farmers and seafood suppliers. To find out more about this coalition visit their website here.

James Beard Foundation Smart Catch

We are honored to be on the James Beard Foundation Smart Catch Committed List. We are committed to the goals of sustainability of the James Beard Foundation Smart Catch Program. The James Beard Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to celebrate, nurture, and honor chefs and other leaders making America’s food culture more delicious, diverse, and sustainable for everyone. You can find us on their list here.