Shuckin’ Shack Celebrates The Holiday Season with “Christmas With The Shack”

Shuckin’ Shack Celebrates The Holiday Season with “Christmas With The Shack”

The holiday season is upon us, and Shuckin’ Shack, is ramping up to celebrate big. In recent years, the brand has launched a season-long promotional period based on a parody of some of the team’s favorite holiday movies, incorporating festive LTOs and over-the-top decorations at local Shacks that exemplify the Christmas spirit and serve to bring the entire family, from guests to staff, together during the best time of the year.

“This is all-encompassing Yuletide joy with some holiday sips,” said Darren Keeler, Vice President of Marketing. “This year, our theme is ‘Christmas With The Shack!’ We’ve involved our bartenders in the creation of the holiday drinks, and they all have fun names that nod back to a classic movie, like the Free Frosty or Get Kranked.”

You Can Check Out Our Full “Christmas With The Shack” Holiday Cocktail Menu Here

Shuckin’ Shack is a family restaurant, and during the holiday season, it only kicks that up a notch with special holiday offerings that cater to just about anyone. Its holiday beverage lineup is the perfect way to catch some respite from the hectic holiday shopping season, and while little ones can’t enjoy these sips, they will be equally enthralled with the decorations that “look like Christmas exploded in the Shack,” explained Keeler. 

And, for some more time to connect and unwind, Shuckin’ Shack is offering holiday meals, including Low Country Boils, oyster roasts and ready-to-eat appetizers, that can be taken home, in addition to its in-house holiday parties.

While great food, delicious drinks and joyful decorations are all hallmarks of the holiday season, Shuckin’ Shack isn’t stopping there. Is it really the holiday season without some giving? Through December 24th, all in-store gift card purchases of $50 will come with another $10 free.

“We have people who have come in and bought $500 in gift cards and use that bonus for stocking stuffers for their families,” said Keeler. “Others buy the gift cards they intend to use as presents and keep the bonus for themselves, sometimes taking that free money straight to the bar for some drinks and appetizers before they continue on with the rest of their holiday shopping.”

As we approach the Christmas holiday, keep an eye out for Shuckin’ Shack’s almost-Oscar-nominated holiday videos across its social platforms with its 12 Days of Giveaways.

“This is a really fun thing that we do every year. We create one-minute videos for our Facebook and Instagram pages, and it’s our Shuckin’ Shack team members parodying our favorite scenes from some of our favorite holiday movies,” said Keeler. “It’s really fun for the team, and it’s really fun for our followers. Then, at the end of every video, we give away a gift card, a hat or some swag. Each day, the prizes get bigger and bigger, and we end on Christmas Eve with a bang.”

Fans can keep an eye out for Shuckin’ Shack on Instagram and Facebook at @shuckinshackoysterbar. Starting December 11th, the team will begin posting videos, and viewers can enter to win by liking, commenting and sharing. Twenty-four hours after the previous day’s video is released, the winner will be chosen, and the next round of fun, entries and giveaways will begin.

“Every aspect of Christmas At The Shack is reflective of the Holidays with family and friends. We take great pride in what we do, but we also don’t take ourselves too seriously,” said Keeler. “When you’re at one of our local stores having fun, enjoying the decorations and seeing the local Shack staff involved in the Christmas activities, you can’t help but to get pumped about the holidays. The energy trickles down, and the holiday spirit becomes the character of the whole month. It’s really fun for all of us.”