Shuckin’ Shack Athletics

The landscape of college sports saw a dramatic change in 2021 with the NCAA’s removal of the prohibition on players receiving monetary benefits while participating in college sports. Previously, a college athlete could not profit from the use of his or her name, image, and likeness (NIL) through sponsorships. This ban has been lifted, allowing student-athletes to be paid by corporate sponsors. Some may say this shift was long overdue.

What this rule change presents is a huge opportunity for college athletes, and it also opens the door for businesses to benefit from the newly gained sponsorship possibilities. Our seafood franchise is going all-in on this new frontier of college athletics with Shuckin’ Shack Athletics! We’ve teamed up with Icon Source to create a sponsorship program that aims to bring awareness to deserving local collegiate athletes who embody the Shuckin’ Shack spirit. In turn, the athletes will provide additional exposure as brand influencers for Shuckin’ Shack’s franchise locations.

With the NCAA rule change, the star athletes from well-known men’s football and basketball programs will surely be receiving their share of sponsorship deals from corporations. Shuckin’ Shack’s approach will be much different.

With all of the attention already on the big-time stars, there’s an opportunity to really help out the lesser-known college athletes. These underdogs may not get all the publicity, but they are often fan-favorites and hometown heroes. Whether they are starters on their team or provide vocal support from the bench, Shuckin’ Shack wants them as their Shack-letes.

College athletes looking to join our Shuckin’ Shack Athletics Team should visit: https://www.iconsource.com/collegiate.html