Hiring Staff is a Battle, Retaining Staff is How We Thrive

Hiring Staff is a Battle, Retaining Staff is How We Thrive

You’ve seen the stories in every media outlet and heard every conversation throughout the pandemic. The staffing shortage has been a hot topic among businesses across all industries. The struggle to hire staff has closed or limited the operations of countless businesses, especially in the hospitality industry. To combat this, many companies have created incentives such as sign on bonuses, higher starting wages, and more to entice new hires. With so much focus on drawing in new hires, the question arises, “What do you do for your employees that rode out the pandemic with you?” Our loyal, long standing employees of Shuckin’ Shack are the rock that got us through the storm. Because of our rockstar employees, not only are our Shuckin’ Shacks surviving, but they are thriving.

So, how do we as business owners retain our current staff? The answer is fairly simple: we show and tell our staff that we appreciate them every single day. Here are just a few things Shuckin’ Shack has done in appreciation of our current employees: 

Staff Nights Out

Staff night outs have been vital to keeping the morale high. Michael Mitchell, owner of Shuckin’ Shack Oyster Bar in Cumming, GA, restaurant for a night and treated his staff to an Atlanta Braves home game. 

Paying for College Textbooks

Easley, SC Shuckin’ Shack Staff with Colt Ford

Small gestures of thanks can go a long way as well. One Shuckin’ Shack location paid for a server’s college books, so that she can excel in her educational endeavors.

Private Meet & Greets

How about a morale boost before a busy, high volume day? Our Easley, SC location set up a private Meet & Greet on 4th of July with country music artist, Colt Ford, just before his highly anticipated concert in town. 

Cash Bonuses

Cash is king. Our owners are also notorious for giving out cash bonuses for those employees that go above and beyond every single day. 

Simply taking the time to talk to our staff members about what they need, professionally or personally, creates a close knit, family atmosphere. This in turn encourages our employees to WANT to come to work and not HAVE to come to work. Shuckin’ Shacks employees are the heartbeat of our vibe. Retaining and welcoming them into our family has led to major success for Shuckin’ Shack and the communities that we are in. Hiring new staff during a staffing shortage is important, but we can’t forget to support our long standing employees who strive to create a positive, fun-filled work environment and bring exceptional customer service to the table every day.