Giddy Up, Texas! Meet Our Newest Shuckin’ Shack Owners, April & KJ Yaeger.

Giddy Up, Texas! Meet Our Newest Shuckin’ Shack Owners, April & KJ Yaeger.

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. That may or may not be true!  But there is one thing for sure: Texas is going to make the Shuckin’ Shack family even bigger! We are delighted to inform our patrons that Shuckin’ Shack is opening its doors in Mansfield, Texas, located in Tarrant County, through our newest Franchise Owners, April and KJ Yaeger. For people looking for a whole new seafood experience down South, this new Shuckin’ Shack restaurant will be just the place to go.

Eating seafood is an experience here at Shuckin’ Shack. Every time we serve our oysters, other seafood, and a wide variety of other types of delicious food, we give you the most out of your money. We serve you sustainably-sourced domestic seafood without spending every cent of your paycheck. Shuckin’ Shack is here to give you a seafood eating experience that’s a happy medium between the fancy, jacket-and-tie establishments and greasy fast-seafood joints. We go against the grain to bring quality seafood to a fun, casual, and unbeatable dining experience.

April and KJ Yaeger have management in their backgrounds, and they decided to go a step further towards the entrepreneurial route. Here, we’ll take a look at who they are and what made them choose Shuckin’ Shack.

The Yaegers: Who Are They?

April and KJ Yaeger are down-to-earth people who have a passion for helping their family, people, and animals.  Both have devoted two decades to each of their employers; April in the legal field, and KJ in railroad/train services.  Both have met people with different backgrounds and circumstances from all over the country, and have always been ready to offer their wisdom or help along the way.   

Their careers have given them the necessary skills to manage others, provide training, and empower others to be all they can be. These skills, along with their fun personalities, will truly bring out the best in making their very own Shuckin’ Shack and their entrance into the world of entrepreneurship a successful and fruitful one.

Of course, like any of us, the Yaegers have their own hobbies and interests. April and KJ adore their whole family, friends, and animals.  They enjoy sitting in their breezeway or down by the pool, drinking adult beverages, and catching up with everyone. 

What drove them to Shuckin’ Shack?

April and KJ were ready to embark on the next chapter of their life and wanted a career change that gave them both fulfillment and control over their destiny. So what did they do? One day, the Yaegers decided to look into entrepreneurship, using their love of seafood as an inspiration. They started searching for seafood franchises with the help of “good ole Google.” And that’s how they found Shuckin’ Shack. April recalls, “I searched for seafood franchises, and thanks to the great work of Shuckin’ Shack and [our franchise marketing partner group] Raintree, I found them.”

Families happily enjoying their meals at Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar, the best franchise in the seafood restaurant industry.

Taking the First Steps to Entrepreneurship

It takes more than guts to start a business or engage in franchising. Sometimes, that “more than” includes your bloodline. For April, her grandfather was a heavy influence and inspired her to become an entrepreneur.  “After 20-plus years in the Air Force, my grandpa did a number of things, such as he owned and operated a rental car company (Compact Car Rental), an automated carwash (Soft Touch Carwash), boat repair shop at Lake Lewisville (Pier 98), and a boat hauling company (Pier 98). He helped me see that success is what you make of it. I have a strong work ethic, and I know I would be a great entrepreneur.”

Both April and KJ believe that “The man above will give us faith. Family and friends will support us in bad and good times. A passion to manage and empower employees will create a strong team. Our drive for success will bring success to home plate.“

So… Why Shuckin’ Shack?

In entrepreneurship, you also have to find the business that’s perfect for you. For April and KJ, their intuition told them that a crab franchise with Shuckin’ Shack would fit their goals very well. In their words, “Shuckin’ Shack has created a smooth platform that will help us be successful.”

When was the exact moment the Yaegers decided to franchise with Shuckin’ Shack? According to them, it was simple. A visit to Surf City, Wilmington, and Carolina Beach to observe our Franchise Owners’ daily operations and meet our corporate support crew helped them understand the ins and outs of the business, and they realized they could do this. For them, this experience, along with the franchise teams and business models, guided them on their venture with Shuckin’ Shack. 

April and KJ appreciated so many aspects of their Shuckin’ Shack franchising journey. They felt supported in their success journey by the team, who helped explain past mistakes and how to learn from them. On Approval Day, the team had prepared everything to get April and KJ started on their path, including meetings with real estate agents and even distributors. In short, the Yaegers felt that they were guided meticulously, taken seriously, and encouraged to ask whatever questions they needed help with.

April and KJ Yaeger feel that Shuckin’ Shack’s message of providing the ultimate experience is what sets the restaurant apart from other franchises. They said, “At Shuckin’ Shack, their message is loud and clear that they offer an experience to customers. It is an experience beyond the drinks, food, and casual dining.  It is an experience when you leave you are thinking, ‘I cannot wait to go back there.’”

When asked what advice would they love to give potential business or franchise owners, they said, “If you believe in yourself and like people, you can make this happen too.”

They look forward to bringing Shuckin’ Shack to Mansfield, Texas, and transforming every Texan’s seafood dining experience. April believes “it’s going to be the real deal place!” And if you want to become a member of the Shuckin’ Shack’s growing family, you can visit our website to know more!